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Industrial Machine Base Gaming Table

$3 500.00
In stock
Product Details

This unique table is made for serious gamers. Beautiful black, mild steel plate is cut with our cnc plasma table to get the shapes needed. The parts are then welded together and all welds ground to a polished finish. The massive allthread is cut to the desired length and screwed into the top as well as the crossmember. The upper table is removable, revealing a gaming deck underneath, covered in scuba material. There are also brackets around the perimeter of the table to hold drink holders as well as dice trays. The parts are then clear coated for protection and attached to a beautiful 40x72 reclaimed oak cargo table top of your choice.

**custom sizes and prices are below**

**Legs can be purchased seperately**

**Matching benches are also available**

**Please contact us prior to purchase to discuss shipping costs***

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