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Rig Beam Coffee Table

$1 200.00
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This is our beautiful and rustic, Rig Beam Coffee Table. These beams have seen many years of use in our countries oil fields. Mainly used to move heavy equipment around in the oil fields. We take them after they have been retir, ed. We first cut them to the size that we want. They are cleaned up by pressure washing them to remove any debris. Next they are sanded and a coat of Wax is applied. It leaves a beautiful and silky finish. After they are prepared, an angle iron base is built to hold them in place, while you enjoy them in your living room or den.

This unit is 36"x36", but can be built to suit your needs.

***Prices may change due to size***

***This item may be shipped, but it is not included in the price above***

***Please contact us prior to placing an order to ensure availability of the beams and the price of the steel***

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